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June 2, 2011 / blisscodisco

Blissful Blabs 2011 May 24-31


Tonight was laundry night, which would not have been very much fun but I always treat myself to a Toasted  Coconut Chocolate Frappuccino and all of a sudden Laundry mat night does not seem so bad…and yes I get it with all the delicious whipped cream and stuff.
so the 410 calories is accurate:)

Another post in Arlene’s Original Designs


Updated Dillon’s page


Today Tom had an interview that could potentially change our lives for the better. I can’t say more since my blog is public but I sure hope the universe has something good in store for us as I could use some of that “life getting better stuff” right now.

Tonight was the “So You Think You Can Dance” premier, here on out known as SYTYCD in my blogs. It was really good and glad Mary Murphy is back. I of course disagreed with the judges on a few but that is part of the fun. Can’t wait until the try outs are done and the real show starts.


After a busy day at work, rushed home to feed and take care of Shy and Vinnie as we were headed over to our friends house for dinner, conversation, laughs and drinks…and peanut butter bacon cookies. From How Sweet It is

I did not get any good pictures of the cookies but Linda did:)


Today was Ski to Sea parade with a friend and her daughters. Her older daughter was in the parade for the Squalicum HS Marching band and her 2 yo watched the parade with us. It was a lot of fun to have a little watching with us as she took so much delight in the parade it was hard to not just smile right along with her. I thought this dog was so cute, she was the dressed in red sequins and was a rescue boxer/great dane cross.

After the parade we went to our friends house and they made us delicious chicken bbq pizza, I will have to try that next time I make pizza…although I might add bacon.
We watched No Strings Attached, it was funny but definitely not memorable.


Tom and I spent the whole day transferring all our stuff in Storage from a 10×10 to a 10×20 unit to make it more accessible and so we could move his office stuff over from his old real estate office as his new office will not have space…did you catch that??

Yup that thing I was hoping for happened. Tom is joining Keller Williams Real Estate and will be part of the Ben Kinney Team. It is pretty exciting and I hope the answer to getting Tom busier in this tough housing market.


Pretty much an exhausting repeat of yesterday but with a nice reward at the end of the day…My mom made us dinner. Nom. so nice to not have to cook after a crazy busy day spent going up and down stairs moving stuff more times then I want to think about. Dessert was homemade apple pie that was so amazing I will have dreams about its spicy, sweet, tart, flaky crust goodness.


First day back after a long weekend is always busy but today was a bit more stressful as I a patients husband yell at me for 5 minutes for something that I have no control over (medicare being horrible is not my fault). I finally had to tell him I was going to hang up on him. Ug. tried not to let it ruin my day. While Tom went to Personal Fitness Class (his last few weeks helping to teach) I went over to Mom and Dads and did laundry and got fed amazing curry chicken dinner. Yay two nights in a row without having to cook. such a luxury.

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  1. Teri / Jun 7 2011 2:53 pm

    I’m excited for Tom – I hope it leads to wonderful things (and sales!). I have heard many rave reviews about that frap but haven’t had one myself yet. I need to change that soon.

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